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In 1969, a young designer and entrepreneur named Ellis Shamoon had a new product idea.  His concept was to take an ordinary cutting board and give it a special artistic flair so that it could be left out on the kitchen counter as a piece of functional art. Department stores liked the idea of specialty cutting boards so much that Dexas was born.

 Leading The Way, Made in USA

 Today, Dexas has become a multi-faceted, international consumer products company. Yet the company is steadfast and committed to manufacturing in the USA.  Dexas is the largest single producer of poly cutting boards in the country, delivering millions of units to leading retailers annually. Throughout our nearly 50-year history, we have never wavered in our commitment to manufacturing in the USA while providing good jobs to our neighbors and service to our community.


Patented Designs On Everything But the Kitchen Sink

 Dexas designed and created the original Over-the-Sink Grippboard with its patented, collapsible strainer. The same “double-hinge” design led to full-size colanders and strainers that can collapse to the size of a dinner plate, and fit in the dishwasher alongside the plates.  The legendary Chop & Scoop cutting board changed everything for busy home chefs – never again would carrots, leeks, cucumber or squash slices roll off onto the floor.


Partner to the Biggest Brands & Retailers

 Pick up a quality poly cutting board at one of the highest-end kitchenware specialty retailers, and know that Dexas design and manufacturing standards are standing behind the store brand label.  Dexas is a trusted supplier to the leaders in gourmet kitchenware and home furnishings; brands that, like Dexas, have truly become household names.

Passion for Healthier Eating, Precision for Food Safety

 Dexas products are designed to make healthier eating more practical and convenient, particularly when it comes to fruit and vegetable preparation. Pop open a hand-held strainer
and rinse fresh fruits or berries in seconds. Poly cutting boards can virtually eliminate
cross-contamination concerns, with anti-bacterial properties, NSF certification and
dishwasher-safe ease of use.

Pets Are People Too

 There’s a huge majority of people who choose to enhance and enrich their lives as pet parents.  And pets depend on their parents for proper hydration, healthy eating and snacking as well as regular exercise and grooming. Dexas created the original Popware for Pets line to make it easy to accomplish all this, both at home and on the go. Innovations like the Snack-DuO and the MudBuster have simplified the process of taking a dog with you, wherever the adventure may lead. It was once said that if you give a pet your love, it will be returned many times over, often times when you need it the most.  It’s true!

 A Note About Intellectual Property Protection:

 At Dexas, we believe that creativity is our greatest asset – we invest great time and expense to bring innovative, well-designed products to our retail customers and consumers.  Because our research and development cycle depends on protecting the substantial investments made by Dexas, Intellectual Property Protection is a core component of our business model. To support our interests and those of our customers, we aggressively enforce our broad portfolio of US and international patent, trademark and copyright assets.

 Dexas has established a long history of successfully enforcing its Intellectual Property rights through legal and strategic means against infringers. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers who infringe upon our products put themselves at risk for substantial monetary damages and attorneys’ fees. Infringers who choose not to respect any and all of Dexas’ Intellectual Property rights can expect a swift and certain legal response.

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